S noParameterDetails
1Name of the schemeJagananna Thodu.
2Name of the facilityDemand     oan.
The  finance can  be  sanctioned  either  under  ORI/ PMMY scheme to eligible borrowers.
3Eligible BorrowersPeople engaged in hawking or petty tradingactivity ,and in traditional handicrafts who are not covered under institutional finance and were identified & issued with ID card by Government of AP.
4Identification of Borrowers
  •  Survey will be carried out through Ward / Village volunteers of Govt of AP.
  • All eligible persons list will be displayed in the ward I village secretariat for social audit
  •  Final list of eligible beneficiaries will be displayed for continuous social audit
  •  A portal will be launched exclusively to monitor the scheme implementation in coordination with the bankers
  • Smart D cards (QR Code) through Ward / Village volunteers will be issued to all eligible beneficiar es
5Quantum of FinanceUp to Rs 10,000/ (Ten Thousands).
6PurposeTo support small traders (Chiruvyaparulu) and people engaged In tradiional handicrafts etc, who are struggling with high Interest rates being charged by private money lenders and to channelize Into formal institutional finance to enable them to get access to liberalized finance at a lower rate of interest.
9Guarantee coverTo be covered under CGFMU or CGTSME may be extended depending upon eligibility.
Guarantee fee to be borne by the beneficiary.
10RepaymentRepayable in 12-24 monthly without anymoratorium.
11     Interest Rate
As per Individual Sank Guidelines .
12AppraisalApplication and Appraisal applicable to credit limits under MUDRA SISHU scheme.
13Disbursement procedureLoans to be disbursed through the Savings Accounts of the borrower upon production of bills or submission of self declarationensuring end use of funds.
14DocumentationAs per Policy guidelines ofIndividual Bank
15         Insurance of assets/unitAppl cable as per norms.
16Stamp Duty on Loan DocumentsAppl cable as per the norms in force until separateGO Issued by Govt of AP.
17Processing charges IDocumentation  chargesSince all are weaker section loans, NO processing/upfront and other charges to belevied.
18Prepayment penaltyNil
19      Interest ReimbursementGovt of Andhra Pradesh vide above GO no informed that “SUNNA VADDI • wlll be applicable on loans under the captioned scheme. (Interest reimbursement modalitieswill be issued separately ) 
20Other information               
  •  VSWS dept, Govt of AP would conduct a thorough survey in all urban and rural areas in the state to identify most vulnerable and economically weaker sections of the society engaged in hawking or petty trading activity who are not covered under institutional finance. The department will obtain their KYC proofs.
  •  Govt of Andhra Pradesh will design a special app for the purpose of beneficiary identification, issuance of identity cards and Bank loan sanction
  • Govt of AP, VSWS dept would create login credentials for each Bank Branch.
  • LDM of the respective District shall act as the coordinator for resolving the issues.
  • illage, Mandal, Ward wise Final selected Beneficiary list shall be shared with LDMs in excel format by the Concerned department /secretariat staff
  • LDM of the respective District in consultation with DCC shall allocate the Bank branch wise targets
  • Physical applications having QR code along with the KYC of the applicant shall be handedover to the Bank branch by secretariat staff as per the target.
  • If the applicant has already availed finance from any Bank /Financial institute under PMMY/PMSWANIDHI/any other Govt sponsored scheme on the same unit and loan is outstanding, he/she is not eligible for fresh finance under this scheme.
  • Bank Branches on receipt of physical applications through Village/Ward secretariat staff and after completion of preliminary scrutiny, a decision of approval or rejection to be accorded within 7 days in specially designed portal.
  • Banks can follow the “CIBIL SCORE ” norms as per their policy to screen defaulters at the preliminary stage.
  • The final loan disbursement to be made only after completion of documentation & procedural formalities.
  • Service areas norms to be followed, if residence and unit address fall in different locations for an applicant, residence address is to be considered to accept the application
  • Bank Branches shall consider to opening zero balance PMJDY accounts for those who donot have account with that Bank/Branch
  • Bank branches shall share the details of loans sanctioned under above scheme to the respective Ward secretariat / Village secretariat staff for the purpose of assistance in post sanction follow up and Recovery.
  • Banks to share the progress of the scheme periodically with LDMs /Government machinery at District Level for the purpose of review.
  • The interest claim procedure will be informed separately.