The flush as well as the stem portion are used for medicinal purpose. It is effective against rheumatic and cough complaints and used in several ayurvedic preparations.

Soil and Climate

It requires well-drained soil and cannot tolerate water logging. Sandy loam soil with good organic matter is considered ideal. The crop has a wide adaptability and can be grown successfully in tropical and sub-tropical climates.


It can be propagated by seeds and vegetatively by cuttings.


Soft wood cuttings are planted in polybags filled with potting mixture and when they attain 3-4 leaves, they could be transplanted to main field. Plough the field thoroughly and pits of size 45 cm3 are taken at a distance of 3 m. One third of the pit is filled with FYM @1 kg/pit and top soil. The planting can be done by onset of S.W. monsoon.


Apply the organic manure twice a year.


From second year onwards up to 10th year after planting the stem and leaves can be harvested at regular intervals