It is an erect evergreen, perennial under-shrub, 75 cm to 1 m. In height. The root possess high alkaloid concentration

Soil and Climate

The plant requires slightly acidic to neutral soils for good growth with medium to deep well drained fertile soils. It grows well in tropical to subtropical situations under irrigation.


The crop can be propagated by seed, stem cutting and root cuttings. Seed propagation is the best method for raising commercial plantation. Spacing Seedlings and cuttings are transplanted at 45 cm row to row and 30 cm plant to plant distance.

Manures and Fertilizers

Organic manures like, Farm Yard Manure (FYM), Vermi-Compost, Green Manure etc. may be used as per requirement of the species.


The Rauvolfia field should be kept relatively weed-free in the initial period of growth. Two to three weedings and two hoeings is required in the first year


At 18 months duration crop produce maximum root yield. At harvest the root may be found to go up to 40 cm deep in the soil. Harvesting is done by digging up the roots and thin roots are also collected. After digging the roots are cleaned, washed and cut into 12 to 15 cm pieces for convenience in drying and storage. The dried roots are stored in polythene lined gunny bags in cool dry place to protect it from mould.


An average leaf yield of 15 t/ha can be obtained