Rhizomes of are used for improving the digestion and also for gastric problems. It grows wild in marshy and semi aquatic places as a perennial aromatic herb with creeping rhizome

Soil and climate

Fairly moist soils and clayey loam soils. It is cultivated almost in submerged conditions like wet land paddy. It is a hardy plant and grows in tropical and sub-tropical climate. The optimum temperature range is 10-38oC and rainfall from 70-250 cm.

Seed rate,sowing and transplanting

Approximately 40,000 rhizome pieces are required per acre. Sprouted rhizome pieces are used for planting at a spacing of 30×30 cm and a depth of 5 cm.


The field should be regularly irrigated. In the beginning, about 5 cm of water is left in the field. Later, it is increased to 10 cm as the plant grows


Harvesting can be done 8-10 months after planting when the leaves start turning yellow and dry. Field is allowed to dry partially so that sufficient moisture is there to make necessary deep ploughing/digging. The rhizomes are cut into short lengths of 5-7.5 cm and all the fibrous roots are removed. The pieces are then washed thoroughly and dried in sun. After drying, the rhizomes are graded into thick and thin cuttings. The dried material is rubbed to remove leafy scales and packed in bags.


The yield of dry rhizomes is about 3 to 4 t/acre.