About Us

Leafcon Private Limited has emerged as one of the leading Agriculture and Food marketing and consultancy company in India. The company set one supreme objective- To provide best platform for farmers, food manufactures, whole sellers and end users to purchase and sale their inputs, agriculture produces & food products as well as to provide consultancy services for agriculture practices, marketing, grading, insurance and loans via Leafcon Agro portal In addition to the main objective Leafcon agro also provide “Open agri info” link which provide knowledge to farmers and other user for agronomy practices, pest control, weed control, grading of the agro produces, standard packing methods, methods and practices for other allied agriculture activities like Poultry, fishery, piggery, sheep and got rearing, animal husbandry, mushroom cultivations, value addition of end product, food processing etc.

Our team consist of over ten years of agriculture field experience at rural level for agriculture consultancy, marketing and finance. Leafcon Private Limited established as a platform with name “Leafcon Agro” for single stop all solutions for agriculture and food sectors. We have wide network of Leafcon Representatives in field level at different part of India, Who helps farmer for usage of portal & Open agri info, operation in account for sale, purchase, grading & packing of agriculture produces and Educate them with new technology for agriculture activities, other hand they also promote sells and purchase for whole seller and food industries.

Our mission 

  • To provide fair market price of agriculture produces to the farmers.
  • To abort middle man/agent/dalal for marketing of agriculture produces and conduct direct selling of their produces for farmer 
  • To provide standard qualitative agriculture inputs to farmer directly from manufacturers 
  • To present food and agro industries together for fast and reliable supply chain between Both sector industries.
  • To provide information to farmers on cropping patterns, improved seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, new technologies, etc coming up in the field of agriculture.
  • Educate the farmers about latest technological progress that has taken place in field of agriculture in respect of improvement in crop varieties, crop management techniques, superior  cropping pattern, soil and water conservation, agro forestry, horticulture, plant protection, animal health & feed, irrigation, farm machinery, etc. 

What we value 

  • Customer experience: 

Customer experience is paramount at Leafcon Agro, it informs everything for the first expose to our brand to years from now when we are still supporting and marketing your business.

  • Quality work:

Every project we take on is another opportunity  to prove our commitments to delivering best solution to the farmers, vendors and food industries. We work hard to develop proper channel from the farmers to end user through innovative and professional designed website

  • Customer success:

We enjoy getting to know each and every one of our clients and invest ourselves in their success. We build relationships that yield fruitful results.

  • Education: 

We work to make ourselves and around us better by abundantly consuming knowledge and sharing it with employees, farmers, vendors and the public. Learning never stops and we push ourselves to stay at the forefront of technologies to be innovative and to improve on every project.