FAQs Vendors

How to get registered on the Leafcon Agro portal?

Click on the “My Account” on the top-left corner of the portal.

Type your Username or Email addresss in “Username or Email Address” field. For example, “JayantParikh” or “[email protected]”.

Add your desired password in the “Password” field.

Is there any charge for getting registered?

No, Registration with Leafcon is free.

How do I start selling my products?

To know how to sell your products, Login with your Vendor ID by clicking on this link https://www.leafconagro.com/sale-agriculture-produce/

What kinds of products can I sell?

You can sell products related to agriculture and food.

To know about the categories under Agriculture, please click  https://www.leafconagro.com/product-category/agriculture/ and go through the categories.

To know about the categories under Foods, please click https://www.leafconagro.com/product-category/foods/ and go through the categories.

Is product listing chargeable?

Yes, Leafcon charges Rs. 200/- plus GST 18% per product listing.

Can I sell livestock (cow, sheep, hen, etc.)?

No, Leafcon Agro does not deal in livestock.

When do I get my payment for the product sold?

You will get the payment within 7 working days once the product is sold.

What is Agriculture Consulting Services?

To know more about our consultancy services, please go to this link https://www.leafconagro.com/product-category/agriculture-consultancy-services.

Do I need to do grading and packing myself?

No, Leafcon Agro does grading and packing for you.

How can I access Market Offerings?

To access Market Offerings, you need to register to the Leafcon Agro portal.

I forgot my password.

Just click on My Account. Then click on “Lost Your Password?”

Then enter your email address in the empty field under “USERNAME OR EMAIL”.

How to remove my product listing from the portal if I am out of stock?

You simply have to inform us via our email at ____. We will update the status in your product section.

What documents do I require to get registered in your portal?

You will require your Pan Card, Aadhar card along other documents.

What is the Loan section about?

Leafcon Agro helps you

Do I need to see the product myself?

No. Leafcon Agro will take care of the shipping.

Can anybody sell on this portal?

No. You have to have a valid licence to sell the food product.

Can I also offer services to the Leafcon Agro portal?

No you cannot. Leafcon Agro only allows tangible food products to be sold on its portal.

How will I get my payment?

You will get your payment through NEFT and

Can I control the price of the product that I want to sell?

Yes. You can control the price of your product.

Can I change my account from buyer to seller?

No. If you have opened your account as a buyer, you are not allowed to change to a seller.

How do I contact customer support?

You can email us on our email address, call us on our company phone number or directly chat us by clicking our Whatsapp chat support icon.

Do I need to provide my own pictures to list my product?

No. You can upload yourself or send us the pictures and we will upload them.

What other services does Leafcon Agro provide?

Please go to our Services page by following this link https://www.leafconagro.com/services/