Customer Guide

You can easily become a buyer on the Leafcon Agro portal and place your first order with us. To understand how to become a buyer please read our guide that will help you in learning more about how to use your account and how to best enjoy your services.

How to register with us?

To get registered with us all you need to do is click on MY ACCOUNT

Once you click on that you will be visited by this page for LOGIN OR REGISTRATION.  Click on REGISTRATION

Simply start typing your USERNAME OR EMAIL ADDRESS and your PASSWORD.  Please make sure that you select I AM A CUSTOMER option.

As you can see, after clicking I AM A CUSTOMER option, you will have a drop-down window of many other options. First, enter your email, then your password. After that your first name and last name.

After the last name there is an option called shop name so, enter the shop name which you want for the shop name for this portal. You can use your current business name if it is not similar to other businesses.

Then enter your shop URL which will automatically be generated by the Leafcon portal. You just need to type in your business name again. Enter your phone number.

And finally, click on the REGISTER button down below.

How to place an order?

Once you are registered, open the homepage and click on AGRICULTURE or FOODS to browse through products available with us.

After clicking on the AGRICULTURE or FOOD, you will be able to see our products in either of the section.

You can easily place an order by clicking the item which will open a page as given below.

Now decide the quantity you want to buy by clicking the + or – option.

Then simply click on ADD TO BASKET option to proceed ahead to order the product.

You can also order the products through WhatsApp. Just simply click this button shown in the picture.

How to generate a bill for how to do billing?

After selecting the right quantity and adding the product to the card, enter your pin code in the pin code field and click on check to see the availability of delivery in your area.

Now click on the option called view basket. By clicking this option you will open the below page.

Now check the details like product price quantity Subtotal if you want to add more quantity you can update otherwise keep it as it is. In the basket, total see the subtotal shipping total and other details.

Once you confirm all the details please click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.  

After clicking the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. The below page will open.

On the checkout page, under the billing details section, your first name and your last name will appear. You can also use it if you want to and also you can add the company’s name.

Check your product details in the YOUR ORDER section to see the content of your order.

You can check out other details too (if they are applicable to you) like USE GSTIN FOR CLAIMING INPUT TAX

Enter the necessary details like phone, email address, pin code etc.

You want to get me one simply select that as well and enter the necessary details.

After checking and confirm mean that all the details are correct click on I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS option and click the PLACE ORDER button.

About saying thank you your order has been received you will get them that you will get all the details of your order including order number DATE, EMAIL, TOTAL and PAYMENT METHOD.

If you scroll down we will see the following details which you can find here and above that he will feel is a bank account number and IFSC code.

At last, you will be able to see BILLING ADDRESS and SHIPPING ADDRESS.

After placing your order you need to see the status of your order. You can check the status of your order below steps.

After clicking MY ACCOUNT, you will be able to see the details about your orders including the numbers of ORDERS, DATE, STATUS, TOTAL, VENDOR, etc. You can easily generate the invoice for your order by clicking on the invoice option.

The invoice will be automatically generated and will appear something like this,

If you have followed each step as mentioned above, you will be able to place an order easily. But remember to add all the details required to proceed further.


After placing a successful order, you can disease tracking your order. To track your order, please follow the below steps,

First, open my click on the second option call Track Order.

After clicking the track orders option, you will be able to see the below window.

You will be about your ORDER ID and your BILLING EMAIL. Enter them both. Click on the track button. You will be able to see the tracking details after that.