How to buy products from the portal?

Click on “Agriculture” or “Food” or simply click on “Buy and Sale” and then click on “Buy Agriculture Produce”.

Select the product you want to buy.

Select the quantity by using the “-“and “+” signs.

Then click on “ADD TO BASKET” then follow instructions.

You can also place your order by using the “ORDER VIA WHATSAPP” option.

What kinds of products can I buy?

You can buy products related to agriculture and food.

To know about the categories under Agriculture, please click and go through the categories.

To know about the categories under Food, please click and go through the categories.

You can browse the product by using the “Search” button on the top-right corner.

Is Cash On Delivery option available for payment?

Yes. You can make payments through cash up to Rs 50,000.

I want to return the product.

To know more about how to return the product, please read our Return and Refund policy,

How to track the product?

You can easily track the product through our delivery service link.

What kinds of products are available to buy?

Leafcon Agro provides all kinds of food products. To check the product, please go to the link.

What is the procedure to return the damaged product?

You can return the damaged product by following below simple steps.

Can I put my advertisement on your portal?

No. We do not have the provision to put your advertisement on our portal as of now.

Do I need to provide my own pictures to list my product? No. They will set the picture to the product.