Basic Requirement to Sell

For selling to the Leafcon Agro portal, You will need to register on the vendor registration section of Leafcon Agro. You can do this by creating an account as a vendor in the portal. It will take few minutes you will need three basic things to start your selling.

  1. GST Number
  2. PAN Number
  3. An Active bank account

If you don’t have a GST Number you can register your GST through GST Portal If you need any assistance to register GST our Leafcon Agro Team will help you to Register GST Number. You can contact them via email or call as below.

Email[email protected]

In addition to the above, to register as a vendor for selling food items to our portal you must have an active FSSAI Licence under your product categories and you need to comply Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006. For selling Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides you must have the necessary license from competent authority as per rules and regulations of Indian and the respective State government. Any Product needs a particular license and certificate for selling vendor must have an active license for that product.

Note: Scan copy of each licence must be sent to Leafcon Agro via email to [email protected] to finalise vendor registration.

Listing of Products

Listing of product requires to fix charges of Rs. 200 per product (and each product variant) plus GST@ 18%. This charge includes the following service

  •  Assistance for GST Registration
  • Image Editing
  • Store creation of your Brand
  • To making catalogue
  • Product listing
  • Brand and product approval

Why sell on Leafcon Agro Portal

  • Major Selling benefits to your products are available for millions of farmers and food business customers, traders, and manufacturers.
  • Leafcon Agro is the only platform that providing agriculture and allied activity and food selling services at one platform.
  • Leafcon Agro only one portal in India that provides farmers to buy their agriculture inputs and sell their agro produce on the same portal on Leafcon Agro. This portal is also providing the best platform for food manufacturers and wholesalers to sell their products as well as buy raw materials for manufacturing food products directly from farmers.
  • Leafcon Agro is also providing consultancy services for how to carry out agriculture and agriculture allied activities that are listed in our portal also this portal is providing Loan advice and project report preparation and documentation for agriculture and food-based Loans.
  • Leafcon Agro providing great benefits to the farmers for upgrading their knowledge, to know about different tactics of agriculture and related allied activity via our Agri info.
  • Leafcon Agro is the only agriculture, food products, and service provider portal that provide B2B as well as B2C services.

Benefits to selling on Leafcon Agro

  • Secure payment Regularly: Payment of your sell safely deposited directly to your bank account, Even fair pay on delivery on every seven working days
  • Ship Your Orders Without Stress: With Choosing Shipping Services of Our Shipping Partners. Vendors Also Can Manage Their Shipping & Delivery & Return By their Selves Using any Shipping Services Other Than Our Shipping Partners.
  • Services For Every Need Of Vendors: LeafconAgro Providing Support To the Vendors For Their Account Management, GST Apply, Listing, Brand & Catalog Approval & Image Editing.
  • Keep Your Brand Protected By Manage Your Stores You Can Control Your Logo & Brand Registry.
  • Sell To customers at Any Corner Of India: LeafconAgro Having Wide Range Of ManPower & Representative Across India To Reach Every farmer at Any Corner Of India.
  • Just Get Support / Help as a Vendor: You Can Get Support / Help For Selling Products On Our Portal. Our Representative Will Help You Via Email, Telephone as Well as On Chat Services.
  • Promote Your Business & Brand: You Can Promote Your Brand / Business Via Our Portal Using Our Featured Product & Vendor services, Cross-Selling Of Your Products By Using Our Paid Services.

Grading and Packing:

  • Grading: Leafcon Agro helps in the process of sorting or dividing the material into categories like quality size, weight, shape, color, moisture content, ripeness, texture and appearance, chemical element, content, taste, foreign matter amount, etc. by following accepted standards like Agmark Standards.
  • Packing: Lefcon Agro practices packing after grading and considers aspects like safety, increased shelf life, sustainability, hygiene, and proper labeling required by law.

Types of Products to sell on Leafcon

Leafcon allows you to sell various agriculture inputs, farm produce ,food and related to food and agro industries items on its portal. When you browse, you can find a wide range of products you can sell on our portal. 

Notice: You cannot sell livestock i,e. animals like cows, sheeps, pigs, hen, etc. 


After getting a successful order, we will process your order and within 7 working days, you will get your payment. 

Agriculture Consultancy Services 

In addition to selling your products online, Leafcon Agro provides consultancy to your agricultural and allied work. 

We help you improve the quality of your crop, provide you services like crop management, farm management and also contract farming. We also tell you which crop to grow in which season. 

Price, Quantity and Quality 

Leafcon Agro allows you to control the price of your product so you can easily choose how much quantity you want to sell and according to that you can control the quality of your product. But you have to ensure that the quality is standard and not below acceptable criteria.