• The KCC facility will meet the short term credit requirements of rearing of animals, birds, fish, shrimp, other aquatic organisms, capture of fish.
  • The   criteria for   eligible    beneficiaries under KCC for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries will be Fishery, Poultry, Small ruminants & Dairy.
  • The scale of finance will be fixed by the District Level Technical Committee (DLTC) based on local cost worked out on the basis of per acre/per unit/per animal/per bird etc.
  • The working capital components in fisheries, under the scale of finance, may include recurring cost towards seed, feed, organic and inorganic fertilizers, lime/other soil conditioners, harvesting and marketing charges, fuel/electricity charges, labor, lease rent (if leased water area) etc. For capture fisheries, working capital may include the cost of fuel, ice, laboring charges; mooring/landing charges etc. may form part of the scale of finance. The working capital components in Animal Husbandry, under the scale of finance, may include recurring cost towards feeding, veterinary aid, labor, water and electricity supply. The maximum period for assessment of working capital requirement may be based on the cash flow statement or completion of one production cycle. The drawing power will be worked on the basis of the latest valuation of stocks, receivables and/or cash flows as per terms of sanction.
  • Repayment: The loan will be in the nature of a revolving cash credit limit. Repayment will be fixed as per the cash flow/income generation pattern of the activity undertaken by the borrower


  • Primary: Hypothecation of Standing crop, livestock, Feed, Medicine and asset created out of bank finance etc.
  • Collateral Up to Rs.1.60 lakh:- Nil Above Rs 1.60 lakh:- Mortgage of land and/or third party guarantee in addition to hypothecate crops/assets.
  • Benefit of 2% interest subvention & 3% prompt repayment incentive will be allowed up to the credit limit of Rs.2 lakh 1er annum within the overall limit of Rs.3 lakh per farmer