• Each package2 must bear the following particulars, in letters grouped on the same side, legibly and indelibly marked, and visible from the outside.
  • In the case of packed produce, all particulars must be grouped on the same side of the package, either on a label attached to or printed on the package with water–insoluble ink.
  • In the case of reused packages, all previous labels must be carefully removed and previous indications deleted.


  • Packer and/or Dispatcher – Name and address or officially issued or accepted code mark3.
  • For inspection purposes, the “packer” is the person or firm responsible for the packaging of the produce (this does not mean the staff who actually carry out the work, who are responsible only to their employer). The code mark is not a trademark, but an official control system enabling the person or firm responsible for packaging to be readily identified. The shipper may, however, voluntarily or compulsorily, assume sole responsibility for inspection purposes, in which case identification of the “packer” as defined above is no longer necessary.
  • To prevent indistinctness in the case where a code mark is used, the reference “packer”, “dispatcher” and/or “exporter” (or equivalent abbreviations, i. e. “pack”, “exp.”) has to be indicated in close connection with the code mark.

Nature of produce

  • Cultivated mushrooms, “Cut” or “uncut”, Colour if not “white” – If the contents are not visible from the outside
  • Stage of development (optional)
  • Names of the different species (where appropriate).
    • The name of the produce, the colour group if not white and whether the mushrooms are “cut” or “uncut” need only be stated on closed packages, whose contents are not visible from the outside.

Origin of produce

  • Country of origin (or countries, where appropriate) and, optionally, district where grown, or national, regional or local place name.
  • Marking must include the country of origin, i.e. the country in which the mushrooms were grown (e.g. Hungary, Holland). Optionally, district of origin in national, regional or local terms may also be shown.

Commercial specifications

  • Class
    • Stating the class is compulsory.
  • Size (if sized) expressed as minimum and maximum cap diameters or by the term “small”, “medium” or “large”
    • Stating the size is compulsory in class Extra.
  • Net weight.

Official control mark (optional)