Anand Agro Secure (Tricontanol 0.1 EW )(250 ml)



  • Anand Agro Secure (Tricontanol 0.1 EW )(250 ml)
  • Benefits:-
  • The use of Secure activates the cell division process, which in turn helps to increase the stem and root length of the crop.
  • The use of Secure makes the leaves bigger and greener, so more carbohydrates are produced and more carbon is synthesized by plants.
  • Proper use of absorbed nutrients in plants, when the roots are long and have many branches, they spread themselves wide and deep in the soil and absorb more water and plant nutrients.
  • In legume crops more root nodules are formed. The result is an increase in the absorption of more nitrogen in the atmosphere.
  • Secure reduces the amount of flower buds and produces large sized fruits.
  • The active content of Secure have insecticidal properties, so the effect of insect infestation on plants is less.
  • It will improve disease resistance in plants and makes the plant healthy and strong.
  • Content:-
  • Secure is a high quality plant growth regulator with Triacontanol 0.1% EW content and is mainly used to stimulate the growth of various plants. It helps in increasing the size of fruits and increasing the yield in vegetables and other crops.
  • CROPS :- All vegetables, fruits & other Crops
  • DOSE :- 2 to 2.5 ml / liter
  • APPLICATION :- Foliar Application



  • MANUFACTURER’S BY Anand Agro Care

Additional information

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 5 cm


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