KAMA Dr. Urja Activator 182 – (5 nos)

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  • This liquid has been prepared by a special type of technology by studying the study of 182 different vegetation and land by Kama International Organic-Anand in the form of a solution to farmers’ questions Since last 4-5 years.
  • Dr.  Urja  Activator 182, is made according to the biological method. It will be a blessing for farmer friends for organic farming as well as chemical farming.
  • Dr. Urja Activetore 182 An ideal organic / natural liquid enriched formulation; prepared from naturally available resources Soils  & 182 Herbs ; containing micro & trace elements. Easy to use with regular irrigation systems, drip irrigation or sprayers. Enhances faster growth.
  • Method of formation of solution of Dr. Urja Activator182
  • Equipment Materials –
  • 5 liter pure water
  • 200 grams of wheat gram flour
  • 1 pressure / aluminum pressure cooker
  • 12 Ripe bananas
  • 200 gm jaggary
  • 200 gm  yogurt
  • 5 ml Dr Urja Activator 182


  • Use 200 liters of solution in -1 acre
  • Put this solution in shadow & can be used in this solution for up to 30 months
  • This solution can multiply 3 times.


  • MANUFACTURE’S BY Kama International Organic Pvt. Ltd.


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