Khatarwale Organic Neem Plus (1 KG)



  • Khatarwale Organic Neem Plus (1 KG)
  • When it comes to creating ideal potting mixture solution that promotes healthy & steady growth of your plants, Khatarwale Neem plus powder is definitely a key place holder in the list.
  • Khatarwale Neem plus powder is a de-oiled residue of neem seeds, derived by cold-pressing method to avoid loss of beneficial properties of raw neem seeds. It is playing dual roles of Fertilizer & Pesticide that promotes healthy growth of plants by providing vital nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium and keeps the plant safe at the same time from unwanted pests and diseases.
  • Due to nutrient rich properties as above, it is suitable for both cash & food crops and its use ensures higher yield by 15-20%. It releases the nutrients gradually & consistently for a longer time to the plant soil, which is making it an ideal cost-efficient solution, which also acts as an efficiency enhancer for other plant supplements.
  • How to Use..? :- Ideally Khatarwale Neem plus powder is mixed in a potting soil before potting a new plant in a pot. If you are using at this initial stage, mix 40-50 Grams of Neem plus powder thoroughly with soil for regular 8-inch pot size and then plant.
  • Avoid Excessive usage.
  • if you are using it for an existing plant, dig around the root area without disturbing roots for 1-2 inches and fill it with Neem plus powder evenly on all sides and cover it with the soil again on surface. (Proportion 40-50 Grams for 8-inch Pot.).
  • Please do not sprinkle on plant soil surface. If you see a white fungus like growth after applying Neem Plus powder fertilizer, Do not worry…!! Your plant is absolutely fine, it happens sometimes due to decomposing process in the soil. It will not harm your plants and will go away on its own within 3-5 days.

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